Weider Prime vs Nugenix (Which is Best?)

There are so many testosterone boosters on the market. But which one should you take?  Nugenix Free Testosterone and Weider Prime are popular multi-functional supplements with many benefits.  Let’s take a look at which one is the best option for you Weider Prime vs Nugenix. 

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Nugenix vs Weider Prime First Comparisons 

  • Reviewers of both products claim that they helped improve the quality of their day-to-day lives.  
  • They are also proven to improve athletic performance. 
  • Weider Prime is much cheaper than Nugenix.  
  • Nugenix Free Testosterone has fewer ingredients than Weider Prime.  
  • These boosters share three common ingredients;  
  • Weider Prime is FDA-Approved, unlike Nugenix.  

Ingredients at a Glance 

These two testosterone boosters contain various ingredients that provide different benefits. Weider Prime places more emphasis on minerals and vitamins.  

Nugenix, on the other hand, contains several herbal extracts.  

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Common Ingredients 

Nugenix Free Testosterone and Weider Prime share three common ingredients. These are Vitamins B6 and B12 as well as Zinc.  

Nugenix Reviews
Nugenix Testosterone Boosters

Nugenix offers testosterone boosters produced with natural ingredients. Explore Nugenix's customer reviews and products on Amazon.

Let’s take a look at these now.  

Vitamin B6 

This vitamin has many science-backed health benefits. It’s known to improve brain health and lower the risk of cancer.  

It also holds anti-inflammatory benefits. 

Vitamin B12 

Vitamin B12 supports the production of red blood cells. When the red blood cell count drops, the body becomes weaker and more tired. That’s why athletes take this vitamin to increase their energy. 

Other positive effects include improved brain, heart, and bone health.  


Zinc is a common mineral in testosterone boosters. This is because it directly increases the hormone’s production rate in the testes.  

Low levels of zinc correlate with decreased levels of testosterone.  

Another massive benefit is that zinc keeps your immune system strong and decreases inflammation.  

Distinct Ingredients  

Now let’s examine the different ingredients that define these two testosterone boosters.  

Nugenix Free Testosterone 


One of Nugenix’s core ingredients, Testofen, is a Trigonella extract with many benefits.  

According to Nugenix, Testofen lessens male performance problems and supports overall health.  

Studies reveal that this seed extract is effective for increasing testosterone and improving sexual function.  


Featured in Indian cuisine and herbal medicine, Fenugreek is a popular ingredient in testosterone boosters.  

Regular fenugreek intake can reduce appetites and result in eating less food. This is a safe way of influencing lower body fat.  

It can also significantly enhance sexual desire and performance for men between 40 to 70 years of age.  

Tribulus Extract 

Historically ingested as an aphrodisiac, Tribulus aids athletic performance.  

It doesn’t have a direct effect on testosterone levels, but it does aid the efficient use of the hormone.  

This will help you know if the booster is working or not.  

As well as acting as a sexual aid, Tribulus provides a boost for athletic performance. Fans of the herb believe that it also has many health benefits.  

L-Citrulline Malate 

Found in watermelons and pumpkins, Citrulline is increasingly popular.  

It can heighten levels of growth hormone after exercise and enhance the overall effects of your workout.  

This amino acid can also help those struggling with ED. Citrulline can increase blood flow and improve the chances of getting up. 

Weider Prime 


DIM inhibits estrogen production while replacing the hormone’s bodily functions. This allows testosterone flow to prosper without losing anything from your body.  

Meanwhile, it’s also an anti-inflammatory and may destroy cancer cells. 

Black Pepper 

This popular culinary seasoning has potent health benefits.  

Pepper reduces inflammation while promoting gut health. It can help to control blood sugar and cholesterol levels as well as brain functions.  

Also, it assists in the absorption of other minerals like Calcium, another ingredient in this testosterone booster.  


For over 3,000 years, Ashwagandha users have reaped the benefits of its ability to increase strength and mental clarity.  

Studies indicate that this herb has a potent effect on testosterone production. It boosts fertility and the quality of sperm you produce.  

Testosterone boosters are also popular for increasing confidence. Your body’s cortisol levels increase when under mental stress.  

Ashwagandha reduces this while decreasing anxiety and insomnia.  


Commonly associated with bone and teeth density, this is one of the body’s most essential minerals.  

It’s also important for hormone release, blood circulation, and muscle movement.  


Chromium reduces food cravings by regulating blood sugar levels.   

It is popularly believed to increase lean muscle mass while lowering body fat. However, this is not supported yet by scientific studies.  

But it does support the effect of insulin in the body and improve metabolism.  

Ingredients Verdict 

While these testosterone boosters share three common ingredients, they contain drastically different amounts.  

Each serving of Nugenix Free contains just 1 mg of zinc. That compares to a whopping 15mg in Weider Prime’s product.  

Weider Prime has more Vitamin B6 with 10mg than its rival’s 2mg.  

However, Nugenix does have a lot more Vitamin B12. It contains 120mcg per serving. On the other hand, Weider Prime’s supplement only has 500mcg.  

While the remaining ingredients in these boosters are different, they have similar functions.  

For example, Ashwagandha and Tribulus both enhance sexual performance. This means it’s difficult to declare an overall winner.  

However, users can rest assured that they both contain natural ingredients.  

Nugenix Reviews
Nugenix Testosterone Boosters

Nugenix offers testosterone boosters produced with natural ingredients. Explore Nugenix's customer reviews and products on Amazon.

Safety & Potential Side Effects 

Let’s take a look at these products and any potential side effects or safety issues.  

Nugenix Free Testosterone 

Nugenix Free is not FDA-approved but claims to follow strict guidelines with natural ingredients.  

One of the most common side effects is nausea. More serious effects are rare but can include heart palpitations and sleeping problems.  

If you have medical issues, you should always consult a licensed medical professional before taking any testosterone booster.  

Similarly, Weider Prime lacks FDA approval but also uses natural ingredients.  

Users have complained about bloating, nausea, and sleeping problems.  

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Customer Reviews 

Both brands have mostly positive reviews on Amazon. This is overwhelmingly true in the case of Nugenix, with just a single one-star review.  

In this case, the reviewer said that the capsule increased their blood pressure to an egregious level. They also claimed that it was painful to take.  

However, the remaining Nugenix reviews are overwhelmingly positive.  

A 67-year-old user claimed that the product gave him the energy to go to the gym for one hour per day, five days a week. He said that he had used other testosterone boosters, but Nugenix worked best.  

Another 54-year-old noticed significant differences in his mood, energy, and motivation. It took just a week to see a positive change. Also, he said that there was a clear difference when he stopped taking it.  

Similarly, only one Weider Prime reviewer gave the product a bad review. He claimed to have taken the product for three months without noticing any difference. Also, he believed that it was having a counterproductive effect.  

The majority of customers recommend buying this product.  

One reviewer revealed that he had stayed loyal to the brand for two years. He said that it remained as effective now as it did when he started using it.  

Multiple reviewers agreed that it increased the quality of their days.  

A 61-year-old user said that he had no problem walking up to six flights of stairs at work now and that he had lost 20 pounds in the previous year. Before taking Weider Prime, he was always exhausted when he came home from work, but this was no longer the case.  

Manufacturing & Brand 

Both brands pride themselves on their transparency and safety. Let’s compare their brands now.  

Nugenix Free Testosterone 

Manufactured by Adaptive Health, LLC in Utah, USA, Nugenix is a respected brand.  

They claim to follow strict FDA guidelines in the production of their supplements but lack official approval.  

Like Weider Prime, they make their ingredients visible to online customers.  

Weider Prime 

Based in Gilbert, Arizona, Weider Prime is a younger company than Nugenix. They aim to provide an economical product for customers who can’t afford more expensive testosterone boosters.  

Despite lacking FDA approval, the brand claims to follow safe practices and uses natural ingredients.  

Price & Value For Money 

Nugenix is more expensive than Weider Prime, and this can be a problem for some consumers. A carton of 42 pills costs about $19. It’s also possible to buy 90 capsules for about $60.  

In comparison, Weider Prime offers more capsules for a lower price. A tube of 60 pills will set you back about $17. Meanwhile, you can get 120 for less than $60.  

There’s no denying that this is a substantial saving.  

While Nugenix has many positive reviews, it’s clear that the cost inhibits some customers.  

One reviewer revealed that her husband genuinely liked the product. However, because it takes a few weeks to take effect and costs a lot of money, he wasn’t always able to stay on it. This meant that he couldn’t consistently gain the full benefits of the booster.  

Weider Prime vs Nugenix Final Thoughts and Key Differences 

There isn’t much to separate these two products as they have similar functions.  

The clearest difference is the price. If you’re looking for a basic testosterone booster on a strict budget, Weider Prime wins easily. Older men appreciate it because it improves the standard of their daily lives.  

However, Nugenix Free Testosterone may be the better option if the main aim is to enhance athletic performance. This may make it more popular with younger users. It costs more but the effects are evident.  

It also may have a stronger influence on the libido, especially for men over the age of 50.  

Therefore, we think Nugenix is the premium option for these two T-Boosters.  

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